Restaurant owners have a full plate of things to do everyday. Ordering and managing supplies and furnishings is a task that is often pushed around until the situation becomes dire. Luckily, A.G. Maas is here to help manage the constant need of restocking facility and restaurant supplies. Whether it’s aprons, carry-out containers, plates, and cleaning products, it’s never been easier to have a full inventory of essential supplies.

Contact A.G. Maas today and leave this time-consuming task to the professionals. We can develop and execute a unique solution for your restaurant’s individual needs and provide procurement services to keep you in full stock of everything you need.

A.G. Maas is one of the Midwest’s most trusted suppliers of janitorial supplies, outdoor furniture, and safety equipment. Our world-class services and unmatched professionalism help us stand above the competition. When you partner with A.G. Maas, you become part of our family, and we’ll do everything it takes to help your business succeed.

High-Quality Furnishings and Facility Supplies for Restaurants

If you’ve worked in the restaurant industry, you know how diverse it can be. The kitchen, facilities, bathrooms, and dining room all have demands that need to be met. Keeping all of these areas clean can take a lot of work and a constant drain on your cleaning supplies and equipment.

Stop stressing about constantly resupplying your stock, and let A.G. Maas take care of it for you. We keep track of your supplies – and based on the size of your restaurant – we’ll know when you’re running low. You will stay in constant supply so you can focus your attention on more pressing matters.

And it’s not just cleaning products. A.G. Maas can add things like table covers, bags, and aprons. We even have items which are great for catering like fuel and steel table pans. Outdoor seating and trash receptacles are also available to get your establishment up and running fast!

If you’re building a new restaurant, A.G. Maas can help before you open. We also sell partitions for bathrooms, washroom accessories, and other furniture that can help make your restaurant dreams come true.

How A.G. Maas Can Help

Each restaurant is unique in its style as well as its food. We can make suggestions on how to improve your operations. With our experience helping restaurants, you’ll be surprised at how helpful we can be. 

Discuss Your Restaurant Needs

A.G. Maas’ comprehensive and individualized approach will make you feel like you’ve got a friend helping you out and not just a supplier. We’ll listen to your issues and make suggestions on how to improve your establishment. 

Make Necessary Product Recommendations

Restaurants deal with a heavy traffic of people throughout the day. Keeping every area of your establishment clean is a must. You need high-quality products that can maintain cleanliness throughout the day. Our list of regional and national suppliers have been vetted to meet our high-quality standards. If you’re not happy with a product, neither are we. We make recommendations to our restaurant clients because their success is our success. Let’s grow our business and partnership together. 

Provide Your Restaurant with the Products It Needs

From small kitchen items to big tables and chairs, A.G. Maas has you covered in every section of your restaurant. Our professionals can provide your restaurant with bathroom supplies, floor maintenance supplies, commercial trash cans, commercial patio furniture, disposable food containers, and cups and tableware. We can also supply coffee and coffee makers to the kitchen and build partitions in the bathrooms.

Reliable Furnishings and Facility Supplies

With over 100 years of experience helping businesses grow in Indianapolis and across the state of Indiana, we have some insight into what can make your restaurant more efficient. Keeping a flush inventory is one way, but once we understand the needs of your establishment, we can suggest even more ideas to keep business flowing.

A.G. Maas can help during the early stages of your restaurant to furnish your establishment and make it a safe environment for customers. Once you’re up and running, A.G. Maas is around to supply you with all the tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies you need. We will work with your budget to find you the products that will suit your needs the best.

Contact A.G. Maas for Furnishings and Facility Supplies

When you’re ready to stop stressing about your supply of cleaning products, paper products, and furnishings, call A.G. Maas. You’ll love our suggestions and personal attention to the details that make your restaurant great.

When you call A.G. Maas, you’ll never be greeted by an automated machine – you’ll have a real person on the other end of the phone who will examine your current process and make individualized suggestions for how to improve it. That’s our promise to you!