Property Management

Busy property managers wear a lot of hats. If something goes wrong – they need a reliable supplier which can act fast to get them what they need, whether it’s cleaning supplies, new site furniture, or ice melt in the case of an unexpected storm. If problems do arise, A.G. will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll deliver a solution to you – that same day!

Property managers all over Indianapolis and Central Indiana turn to A.G. Maas for our furnishings, facility products, and tools to get the job done right and on time. Having access to all the right tools, supplies, and equipment ensures that your property stays safe, clean, and desirable to your current and future tenants.

At A.G. Maas, we can act as a strategic, resourceful partner to investigate, organize, and execute procurement functions. When you partner with A.G. Maas, you become part of our family, and we treat you with respect and honesty. If you need to speak with one of our professionals, you’ll never be greeted by an automated machine – you’ll always have a real person on the end of the line to help solve your problems and develop a strategy that works for you. Contact A.G. Maas today to get started!

Furnishings and Facility Products for Property Managers

A.G. Maas sells everything you need to keep your property clean, organized, and safe. This includes site furnishings such as benches and picnic tables, pet waste stations, cleaning supplies, bathroom accessories, and matting to promote a clean environment.

We also provide tools for maintenance and groundworks. Ladders, power tools, and hand tools help make a maintenance project go smoothly and will be there to assist you in the case of an emergency. And with quick delivery, we can help you find particular parts and tools that are hard to find anywhere else. Your tenants will be impressed with the speed of your handiwork.

Whether you have tenants in your properties or not, it’s always helpful to keep a strong supply of cleaning products available. Empty properties can fall into a state of disrepair if they are not properly cleaned and taken care of. You don’t want to show a tenant a property that is dirty.  Keep everything spic and span by cleaning your properties regularly with our wide selection of commercial cleaning products. 

Another important job for property managers is making parking lots and walkways safe for customers to walk on during the winter. If an ice or snow storm hits the Indianapolis area, be sure to have enough ice melt on hand to keep customers and employees safe. Whether you need bags, skids, truckloads, or in bulk, A.G. Maas can provide your organization with the products needed to combat Mother Nature. If Indiana’s hard water is your main concern, we also provide water softener salt.

How A.G. Maas Can Help

With over 100 years of experience in Indianapolis, A.G. Maas has connections with only the best suppliers. We work with regional and national vendors to ensure our customers get the best prices and the exact tools they need for the job. Our wide selection of tools and equipment are ready to tackle any job, no matter how big or small. Our customers are often surprised at our convenient prices and speedy delivery of the tools and equipment they need. 

Safety is particularly important to us. Your tenants aren’t going to want to move into an unsafe environment. Be sure to equip your properties with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and defibrillators to promote a safe working environment.

Reliable Furnishings and Facility Products

We understand how fast an accident or emergency can happen. When it does, you need to have supplies ready to go. If you run out of supplies, it could make potential damages worse, and shipping delays can sour relationships with your tenants. At A.G. Maas, we want you always to be prepared with a consistent stock of cleaning supplies and facility needs at your disposal. We can work with you to provide regular deliveries of these goods so you’re never without something when you need it the most. Our goal is to provide quick delivery of all of your products.

We always carefully vet our vendors to make sure they only supply products that meet our high-quality standards. If you want a certain product from a vendor you’ve worked with before, we might be able to find a better quality product at a more affordable price.

Contact A.G. Maas for Furnishings and Facility Supplies

Whether it’s maintaining a property or building a new one, A.G. Maas is here to help you with all of your cleaning products, furnishings, ice melt, and other needs. With experience in so many industries, we might have suggestions for solutions to problems you haven’t even noticed yet. Call A.G. Maas today for more information about our cost-effective solutions and  world-class services.