Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies have a crucial job to perform in their communities. Businesses, hospitals, and schools all depend on cleaning companies to keep a standard level of hygiene in order to promote a healthy environment and prevent illness. To keep customers happy and business growing, cleaning companies need to be steady in their schedule and stock of supplies and equipment. When you work with A.G. Maas, we take the pain out of procurement so your business can focus on providing outstanding service to your clients.

If you’re having difficulty keeping your supply costs low and your stock of cleaning supplies high, contact the professionals at A.G. Maas. We’ll keep you in regular supply with our high-quality products and regular deliveries so you’ll never run out of the tools you need to get the job done again.

At A.G. Maas, we have an unwavering commitment to our customers and care about their success. Contact us today to learn why we’ve been the number-one supplier of cleaning products to companies in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana for decades.

Facility and Janitorial Products for Cleaning Companies

As a cleaning company, you must deliver on the level of cleanliness you promise your customers. We know that every customer has their own unique cleaning issues that you have to solve. Let A.G. Maas help with our superior knowledge of available products on the market. We can also help by looking at your workload and finding ways you can save.

You’re the cleaning experts at each location, and we’re the experts when it comes to cleaning products. When we come together, we can find the most efficient products which will amplify the cleaning services you can provide.

A.G. Maas supplies commercial cleaning products, equipment, and accessories that you need to get the job done right. We also can deliver tools such as ladders, hand tools, and personal protective equipment for those extra intense jobs. Safety is a high priority at A.G. Maas, which is why we can provide personal protective equipment and apparel to keep your employees safe on every job.

How A.G. Maas Can Help Your Cleaning Company

Cleaning products, paper products, and other one-time-use items go very quickly. When your clients depend on you to clean, running out of these supplies is not an option. The professionals at A.G. Maas calculate how often you use your products to create a consistent delivery schedule so you’re always stocked up for whatever job you have next.

We only supply our clients with high-quality products from our list of local and national vendors. If they don’t meet our standards, we won’t sell them. Our goal is your goal: consistency. When you offer a consistent service, more people will want to try it. They know what they’re getting every time with no surprises. When your customers expect high-quality consistency in your cleaning services, A.G. Maas will help you deliver.

Reliable Supplies for Cleaning Companies

A.G. Maas has been a consistent source of cleaning products for over 100 years. We were founded on selling cleaning supplies to Hoosiers in downtown Indianapolis out of a horse-drawn carriage.

We’ve upgraded our means of transportation since then, but we’ve kept the value of cleanliness close to our hearts along with the goal to meet each customer’s exact needs throughout Indiana. Let us help you solve your most difficult business problems with our experience and expertise. With a personalized approach, we promise to work with you and your budget to keep the high business standards you set for yourself without sacrificing quality.

Contact A.G. Maas for Facility and Janitorial Supplies

If you’re ready to gain more clients while maintaining your cleanliness standards, then it’s time to partner with A.G. Maas. Our facility and janitorial supplies are the best in the business – we guarantee it. Contact us today to learn how our experience and expertise can help your cleaning business keep up with demand.

When you partner with A.G. Maas, you become more than just a client – you become a friend, and we’ll ensure that your company’s cleaning supply needs are taken care of so you can focus on your business and customers. Our personal attention to detail and a sincere interest in every customer’s unique needs are what set A.G. Maas apart from the competition.