The manufacturing industry is filled with lots of moving pieces and parts. Employees and staff  must rely on their equipment in order to complete their tasks. If one thing in the supply chain fails, then productivity slows down. Keep everyone safe and productive with the proper equipment they need to get the job done right from A.G. Maas. 

Equipping a large staff with PPE (personal protective equipment) can add up fast. But with the help of A.G. Maas, we can find the best equipment to suit your needs while staying on budget. We’ve been in business for more than a century and have grown into Indiana’s most trusted and reliable suppliers of equipment, cleaning supplies, and furnishings for the manufacturing industry. Contact us today so we can find a unique solution to your manufacturing company’s specific needs.

Products for the Manufacturing Industry

A.G. Maas supplies the manufacturing industry with every piece of equipment you need to create a desirable workspace. Safety products such as ear protection, masks, and work gloves can keep employees safe in loud and dusty environments. Personal protective equipment can also help prevent the spread of germs in close working environments. 

A.G. Maas has everything your manufacturing business needs to operate successfully. That includes employee lockers and paper products such as wipers and rags. A.G. Maas also boasts a large selection of tools and facility maintenance products.

Have every tool and piece of equipment you need on hand for every scenario. Not only can we provide ladders, drills, and hand tools, we offer the replacement parts needed to keep work flowing. Filters, humidifiers, and heaters keep your environment clean and efficient so your staff is comfortable and productive throughout the day.

How A.G. Maas Can Help

You’ll be surprised at the large variety of products A.G. Maas can supply industries of all kinds, not just manufacturing. We create custom solutions to unique problems and have the tools and know-how to tackle any size mess. 

Discuss Your Facility and Furnishing Needs

If your staff is standing for long periods of time, low impact mats can help sustain hours on their feet. We can also provide tables and seating for breakrooms, meeting spaces, and offices. 

Provide Recommendations for the Best Products

With A.G. Maas’ experience in so many different sectors and industries, we can recommend products our other customers enjoy. We make it a priority to listen to every businesses’ individual needs and goals to create a workplace that everyone wants to be a part of. 

Deliver Your Facility Supplies and Furnishing Products

Our procurement support staff can work with you to make sure you always have what you need when you need it. Keep a steady stock of filters to change regularly, or always have the cleaning and safety equipment around for any sort of emergency. Our regular deliveries and stocking make sure you can rely on your supply of materials and furnishings.

Reliable Furnishings and Facility Products

You can trust the experienced team at A.G. Maas not just for good ideas, but for good products as well. We only work with the best suppliers because our customers expect the best products from us. By only working with companies we trust, we can guarantee customer satisfaction and quick turnaround to get the products you depend on to you as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait around for your supply to run low. By the time you want to restock, it might take weeks to find the products you’re searching for. We keep you in our regular delivery schedule so you can always expect a shipment from us when you need it.

Contact A.G. Maas for Manufacturing Industry Products

No industry is too niche or particular for A.G. Maas, and we’re proud to supply manufacturing companies with the products they need to be successful. Our unique take to addressing customer’s needs is based on a listening and understanding approach. We address each company’s needs individually and find the best solutions to your problems. 

Your employees are like family, and keeping them safe is not just your priority, but ours as well. Contact A.G. Maas today to keep your environment clean and comfortable so your employees will want to continue working for you for years to come. A.G. Maas treats all of its customers with respect and honesty. When you join the A.G. Maas team, you become part of our family, and we’ll always have your best interests at heart.