Grounds Supplies

Before anyone even sets foot inside your business, their first impression is based on the area surrounding your building. If you have a path or a sidewalk, is it clean and easily accessible? Is your grass green and lush? Do you have amenities like bike racks, benches, or picnic tables for staff and guests to use? 

If you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your business, A.G. Maas is here to help. We provide all of the necessary tools and equipment you need to help your business look great from the outside, including durable outdoor equipment to make your grounds more welcoming.

We’ve installed limestone benches for Lucas Oil Stadium, park benches for Indianapolis’ city parks and trash receptacles for the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We’re proud to work with some of the biggest names in Central Indiana, but no job is too big or small for our company. If you’re interested in ground supplies for your company or park, contact A.G. Maas today for unmatched professionalism and cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.

Grounds Supplies from A.G. Maas

A.G. Maas works with businesses, parks departments, and schools to make their grass greener. Our selection of grounds tools ranges from shovels and scrapers to painting supplies and grass seed spreaders. We also provide a large selection of hand tools, electrical tools, and ladders so you can tackle a multitude of jobs.

Keeping your estate beautiful is easy when you provide the right amenities for people to take advantage of. Prevent animal waste from accumulating in your yard with a pet waste station or durable metal trash cans. When these items are easily available, people will take advantage of them to help keep your property pristine.

The Importance of Effective Grounds Supplies

If your grass isn’t as green as your neighbor’s around you, it could be the products you’re using. A.G. Maas supplies high-quality products for our customers because we only want to sell the best tools available to keep our customers happy. 

At A.G. Maas, we understand how big of a difference a green lawn can make. Green lawns signal to customers that you are open for business and care deeply about your appearance. Overgrown or yellow lawns might send a message to customers that your business is struggling or has closed. Having the right tools to spread seed and fertilizer or remove trash from the property can help your image more than you realize. 

In the winter, you need to ensure that your property isn’t hazardous. Having a steady supply of rock salt and ice melter on hand means that you’re ready for the harshest winter. An icy sidewalk could be a potential lawsuit if a customer or guests slips and falls. Having the right tools for the job is a proactive way to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Parks, playgrounds, and schools often turn to A.G. Maas for seating and bike racks. Benches and picnic tables help foster community growth by creating an easily accessible place to gather. Whether it’s a play date, soccer game, or afternoon coffee, sitting outside is a great way to relax and take in some fresh air. Picnic tables and benches are a great idea for your staff if they want to take advantage of nice days by eating or meeting outside.

How We Can Assist You

Call A.G. Maas to meet with your grounds team or property manager to find solutions that best solve your outdoor problems. We can help add attractive amenities to your lawn as well as keep you in supply of outdoor tools and products that you use the most. Don’t be surprised by a winter ice storm ever again. With A.G. Maas supplying you with salt and scrapers, your property will always be a safe one. With our products, keeping your lawn lush and green is easy. You’ll be surprised with the additional foot traffic you’ll receive because your grounds are beautiful and well maintained.

Contact A.G. Maas for Grounds Supplies

A.G. Maas is your go-to supplier for all the outdoor equipment you need to keep your business appealing from the outside. Whether it’s being prepared for cold weather, or keeping your grass and sidewalks clear, A.G. Maas has the right solutions and products to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help boost your curb appeal.