When it comes to keeping schools and educational facilities clean – A.G. Maas has done its homework. The professionals at A.G. Maas have all of the cleaning supplies and products your day care, private school, college, or university need to operate. Our cleaning products keep common areas such as cafeterias, hallways, gymanasiums, and classrooms spic and span, while our disinfectants and santifizers eliminate germs to foster a healthy, clean, and organized learning environment.

We understand that a school’s unsung heroes are often the behind-the-scenes janitorial workers who work long and hard to make sure their school is sparkling clean. It’s A.G. Maas’ job to provide these hard-working individuals with the cleaning supplies and products they need to perform their jobs to ensure the health and safety of teachers, students, administrative staff, cafeteria workers, and visitors.

A.G. Maas also provides furniture and office supplies which can help foster a supportive educational workspace. If you need a reliable supplier of cleaning products for your private school, college, or university, contact A.G. Maas today. It won’t take you long to understand why we’re one of the most trusted janitorial supply management and procurement companies to choose from in Indiana and the entire Midwest.

Janitorial Products for the Education Industry

Having so many kids and adults under one roof opens the door for the spread of germs. Stop germs and viruses from spreading by stocking up on cleaning supplies and equipment from A.G. Maas. We supply everything from paper products for bathrooms, bottles for cleaning chemicals, and squeegees for windows. With kids, there always seems to be messes to be cleaned up. Make sure you’re janitorial staff is ready for whatever problems come their way with a well-stocked supply of effective cleaning supplies. 

A.G. Maas can also provide your educational facility with safety equipment, including “wet floor” signs, and fire extinguishers. It’s easy to keep all of your equipment organized with toolboxes, key organizers, and tool hooks all from A.G. Maas. 

Keeping students and staff safe and healthy when they’re at school is an important job. You’ll perform your best when you have the right tools and equipment that best fit the needs of your building from A.G. Maas.

Other Supplies for the Education Industry

Our classroom materials go beyond trash cans and cleaning supplies. We provide office furniture like desks and chairs, as well as white boards, file folders, binders, carts, and cabinets. 

A.G. Maas can also help with technology in the classroom. Our office technology offerings aren’t just for boardrooms, but classrooms, too. We can provide educational tools such as projectors, calculators, cables, printers, computer mice, and keyboards. Having these supplies on hand helps keep your classroom organized year-round.

How A.G. Maas Can Help

At A.G. Maas, we’re dedicated to helping any and all educational sectors, but we specialize in working with private schools, colleges, universities, and daycare centers. We’ve served them all, and we’d like to supply your school with cleaning supplies and furnishing needs. Our products are safe to use from ages 2 to 102! 

Our facility cleaning products are made to tackle heavy amounts of traffic like those found at schools. We want to keep all students safe and healthy by providing you regular deliveries of supplies that you use consistently. Never be without important cleaning materials such as tissues, disinfecting wipes, or toilet paper. 

Not only can A.G. Maas furnish the inside of the classroom, we can also help beautify the grounds. Benches, bike racks, and picnic tables are a great way to make your school space more sociable and inviting. We also offer tools for exterior projects – including shovels and push brooms – to keep your grounds clean and inviting. Seed spreaders, shovels, and painting supplies can keep your playgrounds, parks, and fields accessible and lush.

We’ve upgraded our means of transportation since then, but we’ve kept the value of cleanliness close to our hearts along with the goal to meet each customer’s exact needs throughout Indiana. Let us help you solve your most difficult business problems with our experience and expertise. With a personalized approach, we promise to work with you and your budget to keep the high business standards you set for yourself without sacrificing quality.

Contact A.G. Maas for Products and Supplies for Your School or College

At A.G. Maas, we listen to our customers’ needs, but we also might suggest products to solve problems you never even considered. It’s what we do best.

We do our homework to make sure you have the best learning environment possible. With educational industry products and supplies for both inside and outside your educational center, you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact A.G. Maas sooner. Contact A.G. Maas today to see how we can help improve your school facilities and furnishings today. Our customer-driven focus and world-class service are what set us apart from the competition and have made us Central Indiana’s top supplier of cleaning products and office supplies for schools.