How to Easily Remove Ice Melt Stains and Residue

Indianapolis and Central Indiana business owners know a thing or two about snowfall and ice during the winter months. When a winter storm has its eyes fixed on Central Indiana, business owners must provide a safe environment for employees and customers.

Aside from plowing parking lots and shoveling sidewalks and entryways, one of the best ways to prevent slips and falls is to use ice melting products on sidewalks, walkways, and entryways. Melt products quickly melt away snow and ice to create a safe walking surface for anyone who might enter your business on a wintry day.

The only downfall to using ice melt products is the residue, or white streaks, that can be tracked inside and stain carpets, matting, and hard floors. Ice melt residue, which causes an unclean look and can damage floors, is extremely difficult to clean. In our most recent blog, A.G. Maas, a commercial janitorial supplies and furnishings retailer in Indianapolis, discusses how to easily remove the white streaks ice melt leaves behind to keep your floors and carpet looking clean through all the winter months.

Why Does Ice Melt Leave Behind Stains?

The white stains left behind from ice melt are caused by several chemicals that can be found in ice melt, including calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, and magnesium chloride, which have high pH levels. These stains are similar to limescale or hard water residue, which may be difficult to remove. Customers and employees easily track these compounds inside with their boots and shoes when they enter businesses, causing damage.

Tips for Removing Ice Melt Stains

There are different approaches to removing the white residue left behind from ice melt depending on whether you’re cleaning carpets, hard floors, or concrete. In most cases, a floor neutralizer can be used to remove ice melt residue from carpeting and hard floors. A.G. Maas sells an ice melt film dissolver called Trax-Buster, which can remove the unsightly white haze on carpets, mats, hard floors, concrete and metal.

How to remove stains from hard floors

  • Remove all mats from the entryway, as ice melt may seep in through and around the matting
  • Sweep up any debris or larger chunks of ice melt
  • Dilute the floor neutralizer with water to the manufacturer’s proper specifications
  • Apply the Trax-Buster floor neutralizer with a mop and bucket or with an automatic floor scrubber, if one is available
  • Apply the neutralizer on the stained floor
  • Clean the mop and empty the dirty water
  • Apply clean water to the area to rinse. Again, check the specific product’s guidelines regarding whether rinsing is necessary
  • Finally, inspect the entire area. If you still notice white streaks, repeat the process.
  • Note: Most auto scrubbers clean and rinse the flooring at the same time

How to take ice melt stains out from the carpet

  • Vacuum or sweep up the larger chunks of the tracked-in ice melt
  • Use an extraction machine with the floor neutralizer mixed with the appropriate amount of water to remove the stains.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in regards to rinsing the affected areas

How to remove stains from concrete

  • Spray water stains with water
  • Use a broom, and dip it into a bucket mixed with water, vinegar, and dish soap, and sweep the surface of the concrete. You can also use Trax-Buster mixed with water.
  • Then scrub the area until the stains start to diminish
  • Rinse the area with water
  • And scrub again with a broom

How to Prevent Ice Melt Residue

The best way to prevent ice melt stains and salt residue in the first place is to thoroughly clean all of your surfaces.

  • Use matting outside and inside all entryway doors
  • Vacuum carpets, and sweep and clean floors regularly
  • Keep the area outside entrances free of as much snow and ice as possible

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