How to Properly Dispose of Commercial Cleaning Products

Janitorial companies and maintenance staffs go through a lot of cleaning products on a monthly basis. Most of these supplies get used up, but there are times when companies need to toss out cleaning supplies if they’ve expired or they’re simply not needed anymore. So that begs the question how do you dispose of unused commercial cleaning products?

In our most recent blog, the facility supplies and furnishings professionals at A.G. Maas discuss how to properly dispose of cleaning products for the health and safety of employees and customers, as well as the environment.

What Are Considered Hazardous Cleaning Products?

Not all cleaning products are created equal, as some are much more hazardous than others. Some common hazardous products that may be in your company’s supply room include paint, powders, oven cleaners, furniture polishes, crystal drain openers, salts, oils and toxic or volatile items, etc. Read on to learn how to identify a hazardous cleaning product.

How to Identify Hazardous Cleaning Products

Hazardous products should never be thrown away in the normal trash. Instead, safely dispose of them through a local hazardous waste collection program. Contact the manufacturer’s toll-free number, read the product’s label or call your local waste company for specific directions on how to properly dispose of the product.

Make sure your employees always read the products’ labels. By law, manufacturers are required to include a label on their products to alert people if they’re harmful, toxic and potentially dangerous. The label should also include instructions for proper disposal methods. If there is no label, contact the manufacturer’s number.

Never throw these items into the recycling bin or normal trash, and don’t pour them down drains, as they can contaminate water supplies and cause danger to people and the environment.

It’s important to educate your employees on the types of hazardous cleaning products they might be handling on a day-to-day basis so they can take proper safety precautions and learn the right means of disposal.

What to Do with Unused Household or Commercial Cleaners?

Many commercial and household cleaning products don’t need special treatment when it comes to disposal. This list includes laundry and dishwashing detergent cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, glass cleaner and most multi-surface cleaners, etc. Here are a few ideas to get rid of these unused cleaning products:

  • Give them to a local charity, homeless shelter or church
  • Contact a community reuse site such as
  • Contact your local waste disposal facility. If you’re unsure how to dispose of certain cleaning products, call your local waste company for special instructions on how to handle these products.
  • Pour them down the drain or throw them away. However, as we previously mentioned, it’s imperative to always read the labels. Some antibacterial cleaning products which contain triclosan should not be poured down the drain. Most-soluble cleaning products, though, can be emptied in the drain, while solid products such as towelettes and soap scouring pads can be thrown in the trash.

What to Do with Commercial Cleaning Containers?

Most cleaning containers can be placed in the recycling bin if they’re completely empty. However, make sure to read any instructions in regards to how to properly dispose of such containers. If the container contained hazardous or toxic chemicals, however, it should be collected by a local hazardous waste collector.

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A.G. Maas has served the Indianapolis area for more than a century and is an expert at keeping companies properly stocked with the right cleaning equipment. We understand that commercial cleaning products need to be more effective and powerful than what you find under your kitchen sink at home. Just some of the cleaning products we provide include: degreasers, carpet and floor care solutions, glass cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, drain maintenance products, descalers, acid cleaners and odor control solutions.

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