How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors in Office Buildings

Hardwood floors are a great choice for office settings, as they bring an elegant and earthy ambiance to a building. But in order to protect and keep them looking their best for years to come, it’s important to have them regularly cleaned.

In our most recent blog, the facilities supplies and furnishing professionals at A.G. Maas explain how to properly deep clean hardwood floors to keep them looking shiny and new.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Hardwood Floors?

Most people are familiar with how to regularly clean hardwood floors, which is done on the surface level to remove dust, dirt and grime. In office settings with high foot traffic, hardwood floors should be swept or vacuumed on an almost daily basis, or mopped with a microfiber mop. Dust, dirt and allergens that collect on the surface of the flooring can spread throughout the office setting, which can negatively affect the health of customers and employees. Over time, they can even cause damage to the flooring.

If you choose to vacuum, be sure not to damage the flooring. Ensure the vacuum has a floor brush attachment and is not equipped with a beater bar, which can scratch and damage the flooring.

So what exactly does it mean to deep clean hardwood floors? Deep cleaning is a much more involved process, as it consists of removing dirt and grime that are typically left behind during regular surface cleanings. Deep cleaning hardwood floors involves using a cleaning solution and focuses on eliminating gunk, dust and allergens that get into the seams of hardwood floors and into the grains of the wood. Deep cleaning also restores the shine of hardwood floors to make them appear brand new again.

Since traffic is typically high in office settings, we recommend deep cleaning your hardwood floors once per month.

How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

When you’re ready to deep clean your office floors, follow these helpful steps:

  • First, perform the necessary prep work. This can include sweeping or vacuuming to remove surface dirt and dust. You can also use a plastic knife to eliminate hard-to-remove gunk or gum that’s stuck to the surface.
  • Next, use a liquid wood-cleaning product that’s approved to work on your office’s type of hardwood floors. Take note that most hardwood floors are protected with a surface or penetrating finish and need the appropriate hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how much solution to dilute with water.
  • Then saturate your mop with the cleaning solution and ensure it is damp, not wet. While you’re mopping, make sure not to use too much cleaning solution on the wood floors so you don’t damage the finish. Mop in the direction of the floorboard.
  • When you’re done mopping the area, rinse the mop with clean water and mop the hardwood floor again to remove the cleaner.
  • Any excess dirt or water can be wiped up with a towel. Standing water can cause significant damage to hardwood floors.
  • If you want to go the extra mile and have your hardwood floors really stand out, polish the flooring. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you’re using the appropriate amount of wood floor wax or polish.

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