How to Develop a Winning Procurement Strategy

Business owners and managers have a very full plate as it is. From managing employees to handling financial responsibilities and beyond, it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all of their duties.

With all these responsibilities, A.G. Maas knows that developing an effective procurement strategy is likely the last thing on your mind. That’s where we come in to help. A.G. Maas has helped companies just like yours develop winning procurement strategies that keep your business prepared and organized. Contact us today to learn more.

What is a Procurement Strategy?

A procurement strategy is a long-term plan to acquire supplies, products, and goods that your company might need. By developing an effective strategy, you’ll ensure that your company receives the products it needs at the correct time while staying under budget.

Waiting until you’re in need of certain supplies, products, or goods is a risk that can result in wasted time and lost money. Creating a procurement strategy in advance that works for your business will reduce costs, minimize errors, and mitigate risks, among other benefits. 

How to Create a Procurement Strategy

Creating an effective procurement strategy can be time-consuming and stressful. A.G. Maas can help you create an effective procurement plan by:

Analyzing Your Current Procurement Structure

In order to create a more effective procurement strategy, you must first analyze your current procurement structure. We’ll help you investigate where you’re getting your supplies from and determine if there are alternatives that better suit your business and its needs. Additionally, if you’re not getting your products in time or you’re going over budget, we can help to find better solutions.

Organizing Your Procurement

A.G. Maas provides many companies in and around the Indianapolis area with cleaning supplies, furnishings, and equipment. These relationships give us leverage and negotiating power that you may not have if you were negotiating on your own. This can help you stay under your budget while getting the same number of products that you need.

Creating a Plan Based On Your Organization’s Current Goals

A.G. Maas will work with you to create a plan that includes a list of the products you order and recommend order frequency and costs. We will help consolidate your suppliers and products, which will help reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend in procurement.

Executing Your New Procurement Strategy

When we’ve helped you create a new procurement strategy, we’ll put it in place and get your company the goods that it needs to operate effectively. Following the execution and implementation of the plan, we can even help you review it to determine its overall effectiveness.

How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Procurement Strategy

In order to truly determine how effective your new procurement strategy is, it’s important that you keep it in place for a few months to receive enough data and information. After the plan has been in effect for enough time, consider the current state of your organization’s needs.

If you’re receiving the correct goods and products, they’re arriving on time, and you’re in line with your budget, or even below it, your procurement strategy is effective and can stay in place. If you’re receiving your products late, you’re finding yourself over budget, or any other issues occur, we can help to modify the strategy as needed.

Contact A.G. Maas for Procurement Support

Procurement strategies can be difficult to create and manage. A.G. Maas wants to help. We offer procurement support services to relieve you of the time-consuming process of creating and implementing a procurement strategy. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our procurement support services or to become a customer with A.G. Maas.

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