What Are Division 10 Specialties?

Division 10 products such as bathroom accessories, partitions, and fire extinguishers are critical to the construction of buildings. A.G. Maas offers companies in Indianapolis and across Central Indiana with the Division 10 products they need to complete the construction of any building. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all of the facility supplies and furnishings that you may need, including Division 10 Specialty products.

What Are Considered Division 10 Specialties?

Division 10 is a category of products and materials commonly used for a construction project by a general contracting business. The types of products within Division 10 include:

Bathroom partitions

Bathroom partitions are used to create privacy while using the restroom. Whether you need partitions to add to the sides of urinals or full stalls, including doors and panels, partitions are a great way to give your customers and employees privacy while in the bathroom. 

Bathroom accessories

A wide range of bathroom accessories is needed to fully complete a bathroom once constructed. Division 10 bathroom accessories include products such as:

  • Hand dryers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Toilet paper dispensers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Mirrors
  • Baby changing stations
  • Grab bars

For more information on products like these, and more, give us a phone call, or contact us online today.

Fire extinguishers

After construction is complete, it’s important that all precautionary measures are taken to ensure your building and everyone within it are safe from an emergency such as a fire. Keeping fire extinguishers in highly populated areas of the building, or areas that may be at a higher risk of fire, should be a priority for your building.


An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can be used if emergency strikes and someone within the building experiences cardiac arrest. By preparing for the worst, you’ll ensure that you’re ready if such a medical emergency ever occurs.

Metal lockers

Introducing metal lockers to your building gives employees places to put their belongings during their shifts. Depending on the usual shift length that your employees are working, metal lockers can be very important to your workplace.


Similar to metal lockers, cabinets can be a useful space to store smaller belongings during shifts.

Why Are Division 10 Specialties Important?

No building or construction is complete without Division 10 Specialty products. While the physical construction of your building may be complete, it’s important to remember the Division 10 products that will fully complete your building and allow employees and customers to be safe and comfortable.

When you trust the professionals at A.G. Maas to provide your Division 10 Specialty products, you’re trusting a company with over a century of experience. Women-owned since 1986, A.G. Maas will fulfill your needs and ensure that your building receives the products it needs to be fully functional and operational. 

Contact A.G. Maas for Division 10 Specialties 

No matter which Division 10 products your business is in need of, the experienced experts with A.G. Maas can help. We’ve been in the Indianapolis and Central Indiana areas since 1914, and we’re completely dedicated to being your partner for facility supplies and furnishings. Contact us today to receive more information on any of our products, or to become a customer.

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